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About eduroam

About eduroam

Global wireless roaming service eduroam,

you can use your KU portal account to access

You can also freely use the service on campus

About eduroam?
  • Eduroam(eduroam roaming) is a global wireless roaming service developed for the international research and education community
  • When visiting educational institutions (universities, research institutes) worldwide that have joined eduroam, Korea University members can use their Portal ID@korea.ac.kr/Portal PW for authentication
  • After completing the authentication process, you can use eduroam service (however, some services may be restricted depending on the wireless LAN operating policy of that institution)
  • Eduroam is a global service that has been running since 2003 and is now available in approximately 106 countries worldwide
  • Eduroam guide : PC(Windows) / PC(Mac)Mobile(IOS)Mobile(Android)
List of institutions participating in eduroam
  • Please refer to the following information for the current status of educational institutions participating in eduroam.
  • To find nearby eduroam hotspots, you can check through the following web page or mobile app