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Wi-Fi Service Guide

Wi-Fi Service Guide

All members of Korea University are

free to use the Wi-Fi service at Seoul Campus.

For enhanced security, a one-time security profile setup is required

Usage Guidelines
  • Anyone with a KUPID account of this school can use it for free.
  • The entire interior of the school (excluding some stairs, toilets, etc.)
  • Outdoor Square(In front of Hana Square, Aegyo Square, Nobel Square, Central Square, Democratic Square, Dongwon Global Leadership Hall)
  • You can use multiple devices simultaneously with one KUPID account
  • Not available at Sejong Campus / Medical (but eduroam is available at Sejong Campus.)
  • Sejong Campus wifi Shortcut to Information / Medical wifi Shortcut to Information
How to use
  • When using Wi-Fi, you need to set up a security profile only once for SSID 'Korea Univ AP' or 'eduroam'.
  • PC(Window),we recommend using automatic configuration and Mobile(IOS/Android), manual configuration is supported
  • MAC, Linux Centos, Linux Ubuntu are also supported
  • Select either 'eduroam' or 'KoreaUniv AP' for wifi access
무선랜 비교
eduroam KoreaUniv AP
  • Eduroam is available within affiliated institutions.(Including Seoul Campus/Sejong Campus)
  • Eduroam participating institutions can use our university's wifi service when visiting our campus
  • Using your Portal(kupid)ID@korea.ac.kr/Portal PW
  • The initial security profile setup is required
  • about eduroam
  • The service is only available to members of our university at Seoul Campus
  • Using your Portal(kupid)ID/Portal PW
  • The initial security profile setup is required
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