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PC(MAC) Settings

PC(MAC) Settings

For secure and convenient access to Eduroam, registration of the certificate is required upon the initial use, either automatically or manually

Please follow the setup guide below

Guide(eduroam for Mac)
  • If you are using a PC (laptop) with Mac OS, refer to the guide below for setup
  • If you need to uninstall, please follow the uninstallation guide and then proceed with the reinstallation
  • Your portal ID and password refer to your KUPID ID/PW, and please note that it takes 10 minutes for synchronization after you change your password on the portal
  • That can differ depending on the version of macOS


1. Wireless icon > Open Network Preference
2. Press the Wi-Fi on button to enable Wi-Fi > Advanced Option
3.  Click '+' button > Netwok Name(eduroam) > Security(Enterprise WPA/WPA2) > Username(KUPID ID@korea.ac.kr) > Password(Kupid PW)
4. Confirm connection completion


1. Wireless icon > Open Network Preference
2. Click Advanced Options
3. Confirmation of eduroam  > Click '-' button to delete
4. eduroam deletion confirmation